Dec 03

How Turbos are made

Nov 26

The Chevy SS, now with a manual transmission. That got me thinking.

Word comes today that the Chevy SS will now come with a manual transmission. Self proclaimed purist everywhere are rejoicing. They are dancing in the streets celebrating and some got so excited they set areas of Ferguson, Missouri on fire last night. Wait, I’m being told that is because of something else all together.
Good for Chevy in giving a really tiny portion of the population what they want. Now let’s be clear I’m not anti manual. I drive a manual every day and it’s fun. Still I like technology and advancement so I’m not one of those people who are against automatics or paddle shifts. In fact I like those too. I guess what I’m saying in this odd, short, and random post is that do you really care what transmission a car is going to have if you aren’t going to buy that particular car? I mean I’m not buying an SS. I like them but I’m not in the market for one. If I was I’m not sure I get the manual, or maybe I would. The internet will make a big deal out of this announcement from Chevy but I just don’t get why?

Nov 03

Tom Magliozzi passed away

I imagine a good bunch of IG readers probably also listened to Car Talk on NPR, if not you really missed a great piece of America radio. Tom Magliozzi was one half of the Click and Clack duo that brightened up a lot of weekends with an informative and witty show about cars. Duh. Tom was 77 and will be missed dearly.

Oct 28

2014 Mopar Top Eliminator

Mopar ‘Top Eliminator’ program recognizes the most skilled Mopar enthusiasts and their modified Mopar vehicles
More about the four 2014 Mopar “Top Eliminator HEMI Heritage” winners can be found on
October 28, 2014 , Auburn Hills, Mich. – Mopar enthusiasts selected Roger Davis and his 1934 Plymouth PF 5-Window Coupe as the fourth and final winner in the online portion of the 2014 Mopar “Top Eliminator HEMI® Heritage” competition.
This is the eighth year Mopar, the service, parts and customer-care brand, has held the “Top Eliminator” challenge to help shine a light on passionate and dedicated muscle car enthusiasts who exemplify unmatched skills in modifying or preserving a classic or modern-day company vehicle. This year’s edition was renamed to encompass the brand’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of the iconic 426 Race HEMI engine.
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Oct 24

Mopar loads up for Sema

Mopar once again is gearing up to hit the Strip in full force at the 2014 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, Nov. 4–7, with a fleet of Mopar-modified vehicles and hundreds of existing and prototype Mopar products set to add sizzle at the world’s premier automotive specialty products trade event.
The Mopar display is always a safe bet as a hot-spot stop for industry leaders at the mammoth gathering. Innovative Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram and FIAT brand show vehicles, all reimagined with Mopar products, will fill the 15,345-square-foot exhibit space at the Las Vegas Convention Center and demonstrate how enthusiasts can sprinkle their own rides with a little Mopar magic by choosing from the brand’s vast portfolio of parts.
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