Nov 27

2013 Turkey Award: The Ford Mustang II

The Ford Mustang is a legend. If you are reading our site you know that. From the original 1964 to a brand new GT500 they have amassed a huge following. Back in the muscle car era the Mustang was so good Ford thought it needed a sequel. It didn’t. The Mustang II was everything the original Mustang isn’t. It’s ugly, slow, boring, and did I mention ugly? Ok so it was the mid 1970s and most cars fit those descriptions so why is the Ford Mustang II our Turkey Award winner for 2013?


Well the Mustang two was a child of the gas crisis of the 1970s. All cars suffered. Gone where big horsepower, fun, and the wild paint jobs and graphics of the muscle car era. In was sensibility, small cars, and fuel economy. Well 1970s fuel economy which is about the same as a top fuel funny car. The Mustang II was spectacularly bad from a car stand point, but it was actually a hit for Ford.


The idea behind the Mustang II was that cars were getting smaller and that the Mustang had grown much bigger then it’s originally intended size. So the Mustang II aimed to recapture that 1964 size and it did. It was also important for the fit and finish to be up to standards and it was. So maybe the Mustang II isn’t that bad of a car. It is. However sales were strong selling over a million units in it’s life time. That’s not too shabby.

What’s the problem then? Well there are three right off hand. The standard 140 cubic inch 4 cylinder, the 171 cubic inch V6 and the 302 that performed worse than nearly any car in production today. Fuel economy was ok at over 20mpg, but what is economy without fun? The Mustang II is probably our Turkey Award winner because of what it represents and that is the death of the muscle car. The folks at Ford made a conscious decision to make the Mustang smaller, less powerful, and very boring.

There you have it, the 2013 Turkey Award winner, the Ford Mustang II.

Photosource: Wikimedia commons