Sep 11

2014 White Hall Drag O Way Reunion

It’s the time of year again when the combines are rolling through the Midwestern corn field, the days are hot and the nights cool, and the streets of White Hall, Illinois are alive with the sound of American iron. This year the weather could not be more perfect for the 2014 White Hall Drag O Way Reunion and as a result a very nice number of cars and people came out to enjoy the friendship, fun, and cars. Every year the show gets better and not to mention the money the guys at the White Hall Drag O Way raise goes to good causes around the community. You can’t beat that.
Time was of the essence for me as I got a late start to the day. This whole real life being a grown up thing is for the birds. I’m missing car stuff! Oh well there’s plenty of time for that in the day as I was able to spend a lot of time at the show and still manage to get a few pics and more importantly talk to all my friends.

One thing I’ve realized as this thing called Infinite Garage has evolved is that it is much more about the people I meet along the way then anything. At first it was about news, then about car shows and cars, but really I’m finding that I keep going out to these events for the people I’ve met along the way and the new friends I meet each time I’m out. Well and the cars. It’s still about the cars. Like this Buick Riviera. I first fell in love with the Riviera several years ago at the Wentzville cruise night. I hear a lot of people talk about stance and how a car looks “gangsta” or whatever the hell that is. This car is all of that and more. It’s hard to image a cruiser looking any more cool.
It even has some sweet pin stripping.

Staying with the general here is some sweet vintage Chevy power.

The Nova looks great in red. Might be my favorite color for a Nova? Nah, probably still white but dang this one is sweet.

Trucks are of course hugely popular these days and why not. This Chevy is as good looking as anything ever built.

Pontiac Bonneville. It’s hard to think of the Bonneville as a cool collector car when you think of the more recent examples of the Bonneville, but back in the 60s man was the Bonneville cool.

My camera always seems to find a sexy hot rod.

Meep Meep! The Road Runner is still probably my favorite car of all time. This one has to be right on the top of my favorite Road Runner lists. Let’s consider this a teaser. More later in the week.

So as you can see this post is just to get your appetite wet. I’ll have more American powered goodness from the White Hall Drag O Way Reunion a bit later this weekend.