About us

What is Infinite-Garage.com? It’s a place to bring together car guys who get it. Car guys who go the extra mile with their builds to make sure it’s quality work. Guys who get that a car doesn’t have the be the fastest, best looking, most expensive, or anything special at all to be really special. It’s a place where the love of All Things Automotive lives in everything we do. It’s a place to unite those who are tired of the hate on cars that might not be the popular thing, that might be the odd ball, and might not win shows and races. Those cars are welcome too, in fact all are welcome, all who get it. Who get that the love for a car and cars in general sometimes can’t be explained. A place where those who get it, just know they get it, and want to interact with others who get it too.

This is www.infinite-garage.com

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