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Certified car nut who loves talking all things cars with people.

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May 16

The 2015 Chevrolet Camaro

It’s here, and if you haven’t seen the photos yet you are in luck. I’ve got a few. I’ll hold judgement until I see them in person. Part of me loves it, part of me hates, it but a bigger part of me loves the 455hp V8. You’ll get three options of engine a 275hp …

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May 02

Why the Tesla Model S will never be my kind of car

Recently Tesla decided they could get 900hp out of their model S. That’s impressive and it means 0-60 times will likely beat everyone with an engine. That too is impressive. Still speed isn’t everything and anyone whose ever been to the track knows that there will always be someone faster. That’s a Lamborghini wheel btw, …

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Apr 26

Cruising with the WHDOW and JCSMA crews.

After what seems like a long winter and a spring that just won’t quite come I made it to my first car event today. I didn’t get to partake in the whole cruise, but fortunately I was able meet up with the crew at one of the stops which luckily was just down the road …

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Apr 13

Race on Sunday doesn’t matter on Monday

I’m sitting in a hospital room on an early Monday morning reading every car magazine I can get to fight of boredom and I came across an article by Bob Lutz in Road and Track. He was talking about how he would discourage any manufacturer he was a part of from sponsoring race cars. His …

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Mar 28

Old Challenger vs New Challenger

It’s a question as old as time itself. What’s better an old car or a new car? Honestly it doesn’t matter but it’s fun to see videos like this. Now let’s be clear on a couple things. First the driver of the new Challenger sucks. Could be new to the car, new to the track, …

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