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May 04

Arrinera Supercar : LS9 Powered. Lee Noble on Board.

Polish company, Arrinera, is releasing it’s supercar to the public. At 116,000 Euros, it’s around half the price of a Ferrari 458 Italia. What do you get for the money? The first, and most obvious thing you get is Lamborghini-esque looks. The Arrinera looks like a mash-up between a Gallardo and a Murcielago.

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May 03

Police Chase Increases Sales of BMWs

A televised police chase that occured in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia has been credited with a significant increase in sales of the brand in that country. On April 9th, 2012, a break-in occured at the garage of the Calebro family and the keys to both their white BMW X5 and also their black Z4 were taken. …

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May 03

Holden-based Nascar for USA?

The next model Holden Commodore may underpin a new Chevrolet sports model for 2013, both on road and at the track. General Motors representatives haven’t actually confirmed the presence of a new Chevrolet SS Performance model next year, but they’re not denying it very strongly either. Nascar race registration for the 2013 racing year of …

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Apr 24

Lamborghini Urus : Further Details

It seems every car company these days wants a piece of the raised-car-with-awd market. After all it is a lucrative one. Porsche went there with the Cayenne, which basically saved the company, and Maserati have confirmed their entry, the Kubang. Meanwhile, Aston Martin is working on a new age Lagonda and Bentley have confirmed their …

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Jan 31

History : 1987 Honda CRX

Take your average Honda Civic, lop a couple of doors off and put a harder slanting back on the thing. Add in a see-through rear boot/wing section so you can still see out the back ok and put a 1.6L 94kW engine in it. Doesn’t exactly sound like a recipe for anything fantastic, does it?

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