Nov 05

Beautiful ’66 Chevy Impala

Chevy Impalas will always have a spot in my heart because my grandfather always used to drive them. So when I see a really well done Impala, I have to check it out. This 1966 Impala is a real head turner. It always seems when I get to a show there is one car I gravitate towards, and at the Pleasant Hill Color Drive show, it was this one. Hit the jump for plenty of pics including some cool custom touches.

The ’66 Impala came in several trims, from rather pedestrian to this 427 Super Sport with a turbojet. By ’66 the muscle car war was in full swing, and while the Impala was a bit on the big side, it could hold it’s own.

Under the hood lies the beast. The legendary 427.

You can see the perfectly straight body panels down the long side of the SS.

This ’66 has a super cool interior. You’ll notice that same upholstery from the interior is also used on the upper fan shroud under the hood. It’s custom touches like these that win car shows.

One of my all-time favorite badges.

The steering wheel has so much character, it’s one of my favorites. It seems steering wheel design is a bit of a lost art these days. It’s kind of sad, but luckily we have classics like this one to look at.

I will have more later in the week from the Pleasant Hill show. It was a nice turn out with a good variety. With car show season all but over here in the mid-west, it’s cars like this that will get me through the winter. Don’t worry though, we will have plenty of awesome muscle car, hot rod, and custom car action as the winter goes on.

Correction: The Impala is a 1966 model, not a 1967 model like earlier stated. The article has been changed to reflect this.