Feb 04

Best Super Bowl Car Commercials of 2013

This years Super Bowl commercials offered some pretty good stuff from the automakers. While the big game may have had a black out the ad men this year were in great form. We have the three best though.

audi commercial

So hit the jump for the three Best Super bowl commercials of 2013.

In a world of tension, argueing, hatred, and stress. Sometimes we all just need to get happy. I really enjoyed this one “land of a tousand lake”
3) VW: Get in Get Happy

The Prom. I suppose every nerds dream. Having your Dad toss you the keys to his luxury car and giving you the confidence to go after the girl. That black eye, a badge of honor.
2) Audi: The Prom

Lastly, certainly the least funny of the group but the most emotional. Ram channeled the voice of the late great Paul Harvey to tell us why God created a farmer. I’m sure you youngins and probably most of you city slickers who read IG don’t have a clue who Paul harvey is but to those of us out here in the heartland, and those of us who grew up on farms he is an icon and this commercial hit all the right notes. That’s why it’s my number one.
1) Ram: God Created a Farmer


  1. RenoWrench

    Hyundai really hammered the as space, I think there was a commercial of theirs during every break.  I was kind of partial to this one.  

    The Flaming Lips Hyundai commercial wasn’t bad either (I’m an admitted Flaming Lips fan though). 

    Regardless of how much WIllem Dafoe is involved I will never be convinced that the stupid new Mercedes CLA is worth the money.

  2. Infinitegarage

    That was a pretty good one and they were all over the super bowl. They shelled out some serious money.

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