May 10

Beyond the Checkered Flag: SRT Viper’s new web series

SRT is pushing the Viper pretty hard. With a distinct absence from NASCAR SRT has to make sure it’s presence in racing is still known an dwhat better way to do it then a web series on the new Viper ALMS car. We will just about watch anything with racing so SRT can count us in as regular viewers and I imagine many of you will want to check it out too.

Viper in yellow

Details are a bit scant minus the cool teaser video below, but we know team Viper has been struggling a bit thus far in the season. However having a rich history of kicking some serious butt in ALMS there is no doubt they will right the ship as they learn the ins and outs of the new car. The word is the full web series will kick off later this month, until then we have the trailer for so just hit the jump and enjoy.

Source: SRT via Youtube