Jul 13

Big Classic Cars

Every one looks back and thinks all those old classic cars were so big and heavy but the fact is cars like the Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger, and Ford Mustang were quite small back then compared to their bloated counterparts. Just imagine how fast those new ones could be if they weren’t so fat? However there were big cars in the muscle car and classic car eras and today I thought we’d take a look at some of them that I spotted while cruising around the Loafer’s Car Club Show in Hannibal, Missouri.


The 1934 Ford Phaeton certainly fits the bill. It is quite large. This one is far from original with it’s LS1 and 4L60E trans. It’s certainly big and cool though. With Willwoods on all four corners it is sure to stop well too. Those are 15in Coddington wheels which help to set off the whole thing.

The cars at the show did get bigger so hit the jump for more girth from the show.

This big ole Buick looks amazing in blue. It has class, style and is about a mile long.

Muscle cars were no stranger to living large and the Chevelle was one of the biggest. This one had a cool custom shroud I thought was worth showing.

Ah the Griswald family truckster. Certainly an icon of cinema and who wouldn’t want to cruise out to Wally World in this magnificent example of Americana.

Here we revisit that Ford Phaeton from above and get a look at that LS1 that has been tricked out to the max.

Hudson made some seriously big cars in it’s day. I caught this great example of the breed lumbering the show.

Mercuries to me are the perfect example of that late 40s-1950s era of classic car. This one is absolutely jaw dropping.

streamlined hot rod

Ford’s Oil Bath Air Cleaner was reserved for the big cars of it’s day.

Getting more modern the cars are getting big again. Not that the Mustang is a heavy weight but I always think it looks bigger then it is especially with those huge wheels. Of course this one is a Shelby Super Snake.

You might remember we did the badge of this Super Snake for Wallpaper Wednesday. Here is another shot of some detail, the carbon fiber front lip.

So there was just a taste of some of the big iron we see out and about. Car show season is heating up here in the Midwest so expect plenty more of these classics to come.