Jan 25

It was a car kind of weekend: Sunday Commentary?

Too many time here at IG I think I focus on being professional and making a good informative article and I just forget the passion. It’s why lately I’ve just posted a lot of pictures instead of a lot of rambling. Photos are really what you guys want to see I know it’s what I like but still there are stories to tell. Stories of passion, excitement, and all the other reasons we love cars. This weekend I was reminded that it’s a multitude of reasons.
One thing I suppose I’ve always known but never realized what that one of the coolest thing about cars is that they can be fun alone or with a group. This weekend I did a little bit of both. I met some friends on Saturday to go to the St. Louis Autoshow. I’m not a big “autoshow” guy because standing around in a big mass of people looking at a bunch of new cars really isn’t my thing. Oh I love car shows, you know where cars people actually own get together and show off their personal rides. That’s fun, but I could care less about the latest Kia suburbia or Toyota boring as hell. However I was pretty excited about the prospect of seeing the new Hellcat and Z06 as well as some others. So off to the autoshow we go.

I probably worded that wrong because I won’t actually have photos for a few days yet but I meant that we headed to the autoshow where I joined the other huddled masses dreaming of a new car and just hoping to get a sit just to try on the latest creations from all the big manufactures.
Judging from the crowd I wasn’t the only one who really wanted to get a seat in the new Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The Challenger in any form is pretty cool and personally I was a bit more interested in the SRT and the R/T Scatpack because those are actually with in my grasp still the Hellcat came first. One thing the Hellcat does not lack is presence. While I think all of the Challengers have it, much more so then any other new muscle cars, the Hellcat is just a little more special than the rest. I’ve been around a lot of cars in my day and some just have it. Whatever it, is. It’s that thing that tugs at you to keep looking it. The Hellcat has that.

Speaking of it.

I-G car of the year

I-G car of the year

I for the first time saw an Aventador in person. It did not disappoint. I’m not a supercar guy, in fact the Aventador was surrounded by other pieces of high end exotica and I quite frankly couldn’t tell you any of them. The Aventador though, it has it. I’ve always felt that even if I some how because ridiculously wealthy I’d never buy one of those over the top super cars, but the Aventador, yeah I’d have some of that.

No weekend is complete without going for a drive. A nice leisurely cruise is always fun, but to really shake the winter blues a nice back road blast is best. It’s worth taking the long way home from St. Louis to my house because it means some of Missouri’s best twisties and then a few backroads through rural Illinois that are rarely patroled and with little traffic. A mixture of G forces and supercharger whine will generally cure what ailes you.

Like the backroads like has it’s twists and turns and it’s ups and downs. A few months ago I was pretty uncertain about what my future as a car guy was. With the real world taking up all my free time and missing out on all of my favorite car activities I wondered if my passion was dying. However a mild winter filled with driving fun and some relaxation I realize that cars (including this site) just had to be put on hold. Since around Christmas that excitement I used to have every day about cars has been ramping back up and with spring closer then you think the fire burns hotter than ever. While my next car purchase may be a good was off yet other things will keep me going.

To answer a question I’ve gotten many times in the last few months, “what’s the future of Infinite Garage?” I don’t know for sure, but I know for sure there is one. I’m going to hit every show, go on every cruise, and post every interesting article that my busy life allows.

To close out the week, I hope you got to get out and have some car fun this weekend and remember. ALWAYS keep it shiny side up.