May 03

Car Shows: One week away

As I sit to type this out car show season is just one week away. Thank God. I’m dying to get out and see some cool rides. The season will kick off on May 10th at Hannibal, Missouri for the Loafers car club show. We hit the Loafers show hard last year and if all things work out I’ll be out there again this year snapping shots and spreading the word of IG.
rat rod truck
I thought it migiht be a good time on a bit of a slow Saturday to look at some of the beauties from last years show. The show had it all. Hot rods, muscle cars, rat rods, street rods, etc. It was super cool. The show is an interesting dichotomy in downtown Hannibal which to say is in a bit of a downturn is a huge understatement. However in front of the dilapidated and rubble of torn down buildings were these awesome street machines.

chevy rat rod pick up truck
Trucks are the biggest thing going in the classic car world. Classic trucks were everywhere at the show last year. I imagine this year will be much of the same.
art work on the dash
Mustangs are big everywhere. This particular Mustang had a lot of custom graphics inside and out.
lambo door mustang
Lambo doors and a whole heap of other customs graced the Mustang as well.
early Mustang
If you like you Mustangs a little more original they had those.
Sublime Plymouth
This cool nitrous powered sport fury was looking sublime. ha get it?
Plymouth Satillite
Maybe I will end this one on a Satellite. If you are in the Hannibal, Missouri next weekend hopefully I will catch you at the show.