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Nov 02

V35 Nissan Skyline 300GT Sedan

Hi, Pistolpig, Infinite-Garage’s resident Aussie car tester here, bringing you another car review from down-under. This time, it’s a car that some of our U.S. readers are used to seeing garnished with Infiniti badges. It’s the V35 Nissan Skyline sedan. These come in 2.5L, 3.0L and 3.5L engine capacities. We tested in 300GT form, which means the …

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Jul 04

Deuce and a Half Road Test

Why not road test a Deuce and a Half army truck? That was my thinking as I hauled sand to fight the flood of 2013. The day was long, hot, loud, and dirty so to pass the time I thought what the heck. this will be a great road test and hopefully a laugh for …

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May 07

Review of Adam’s Total Interior Cleaner

Adam's TID

The quest for the perfect car care products seem never ending and that is because there is always a latest and greatest. Today’s attempt at finding that is from a company I have held in high regard for a very long time, Adam’s. So when a new product is released I try generally take notice …

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Dec 27

Infinite Garage Best Supercar of 2012: Excess is Best

They’re the stuff of dreams, or maybe chemically induced hallucinations. They’re automotive royalty. The cars that we aspire to but will never have a chance of owning. They’re supercars and we’re picking the best of the crop of 2012.

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Nov 23

Black Friday: Driven the Mercedes Benz SL 65 AMG Black

By now you have probably heard of the Mercedes Benz SL 65 AMG Black. It is a bit legendary and why wouldn’t it be with a 6.0 liter V12 sporting bi turbos 661hp and 738lb-ft of torque. Driving one is not something you do, it is an event you attend. I attended that event and …

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