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Aug 11

The Tony Stewart Incident

I was having a discussion today with someone about the Tony Stewart incident and I wished I had a place to vent about it. Turns out I do still own this website so I can do it here. I find it interesting that most racing fans and racers seem to side with Tony. Meaning there …

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Jun 19

SRT Motorpsorts is bringing sexy back

Back when Vipers ruled the world of racing there was one particular livery that stood out from the pack. Viper red with white racing stripes. A look as timeless as the Viper itself. Since those days racing Vipers have taken many different looks. They looked cool and all but none as cool. as the classic …

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May 29

Celebrating 50 years of the Hemi at the Hemi Challenge

We’ve told you about the 50th anniversary of the Hemi before. The legendary motor which is now older then your average American continues it’s year long birthday celebration. Mopar has decided to hold a special anniversary for the Hemi Challenge this year at Indianapolis. Winner gets a $15,000 prize. More details and photos after the …

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May 07

A measure of the Man: behind the scenes of a pit stop

The pit stop is an integral part of any racing series. In series like Nascar and Formula 1 the pit stop takes mere seconds before the car is off speeding back towards the track. These seconds can cost a team the win. That is why crews train vigorously to ensure they perform as good as …

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May 01

20 Years, Where’d they go?

Ayrton Senna earned his place in history long before his death, but as often is the case when someone dies young, especially in their prime that legend grows and runs deeper with each passing year. It has been 20 years since the great Ayrton Senna was killed in an accident. On that fateful May Day …

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