Jun 20

Chevelles, Camaros, an IH, and a Plymouth Wagon more from Cruise Night

I’m still plugging away on cruise night coverage and while plowing through some pics I found a lot Chevelles. Now it’s no secret why Chevelles are hugely popular they look great and go like hell. It’s the tride and true recipe for a collector car and it’s a pretty good way to get a picture of your ride on that pokey little car site we like to call Infinite-Garage.com

Chevy Chevelle SS

Life isn’t all huge engines and big bodies though so don’t worry we have plenty of other goodies from Wentzville Cruise Night which you can see after the jump. Although we have a few more Chevelles for you as well, just in case you are into that whole big engine big car thing.

Everyone likes Camaros and if you are like me you like convertibles so why not combine the two? Open air cruise is the best, the exhaust bellowing at the back, a nice clear view of the beautiful ladies walking by, it’s a win win.
69 Camaro Convertible

Plymouth is not well known for their wagons, but more for their muscle cars. What if you combined both? How cool is this?
Plymouth Wagon

One more pic because it’s so damn cool.
rear of plymouth wagon

At the cruise we had a bit of a debate. Is this pro touring? I suppose without really knowing the suspension set up and the drivers intentions it’s hard to say. If anything it’s just a drop on some modern wheels and there is nothing wrong with that.
Pro touring Chevelle

I recently wrote that classic SUVs are the next bit thing in the collector car market.

As the light fades on this installment of bad ass classic cars, hot rods, and whatever we think is interesting have no fear. We will have plenty more for you as the week cruises on.