Nov 26

The Chevy SS, now with a manual transmission. That got me thinking.

Word comes today that the Chevy SS will now come with a manual transmission. Self proclaimed purist everywhere are rejoicing. They are dancing in the streets celebrating and some got so excited they set areas of Ferguson, Missouri on fire last night. Wait, I’m being told that is because of something else all together.
Good for Chevy in giving a really tiny portion of the population what they want. Now let’s be clear I’m not anti manual. I drive a manual every day and it’s fun. Still I like technology and advancement so I’m not one of those people who are against automatics or paddle shifts. In fact I like those too. I guess what I’m saying in this odd, short, and random post is that do you really care what transmission a car is going to have if you aren’t going to buy that particular car? I mean I’m not buying an SS. I like them but I’m not in the market for one. If I was I’m not sure I get the manual, or maybe I would. The internet will make a big deal out of this announcement from Chevy but I just don’t get why?