Apr 26

Cruising with the WHDOW and JCSMA crews.

After what seems like a long winter and a spring that just won’t quite come I made it to my first car event today. I didn’t get to partake in the whole cruise, but fortunately I was able meet up with the crew at one of the stops which luckily was just down the road from the IG world head quarters. It seems like it’s been forever since I saw my friends at the White Hall Drag O Way and Jersey County Street machine Association and was it nice to get out and see them again. Oh yeah, and their cars.


The best thing about a cruise is you get to see, hear, and smell the cars doing what they are supposed to be doing, driving! Car shows are cool, car cruises are where it’s at. Plenty more after the jump. Just click the continue reading button.

Probably a shock to no one reading this that the first car I gravitated to was a Mopar. This is a Charger RT cloned to be a Daytona. This has got to be a blast ot drive.


Big ole Chevy. You own the road in this car.

I called it ten years ago, classic trucks are going to be hot. No doubt my prediction came true. Ok I probably wasn’t the only one to say that but the appeal of cool classic trucks is undeniable.

The Iron rat lives. If you want a little more on this car just search Iron rat at the top of the page and I’ve done an article or two on it in the past. It is one the nicest Chevelles I’ve ever seen.


Let’s talk Camaros. Classic Camaro wise this one always grabs my attention. It’s so clean looking, such a great stagger on the wheels, and the red really pops. I’ve always prefered the early Camaro to the 69 which is more popular.

Then there is the new Camaro. This one belongs to my buddy Brenton. You’ll remember I spent a day in this Camaro last year and it did not disappoint. The sound, the speed, and all the modern comforts. This car continues to evolve as it ages. Who knows what mods will happen next.

Like Father like son. This 4th gen belongs to Brenton’s son Christian. It is one bad ride.

Hopefully car season picks up a bit for me now and I get back to more regular posting. Car season is here!