Aug 04

Fifth Friday is the best Friday

Every month that there are five Fridays the fellas at the White Hall Drag O Way have a cruise in. It’s always filled with good cars and good people. This month was a little different with the event moving about 10 miles south to the small town of Carrollton Illinois. I had a few technical difficulties with my camera so pictures are a bit light this go round but never feed the issues are fixed and the big White Hall Drag O Way Reunion is right around the corner.

As for now, how about some pics from last Friday!
As always more after the jump!

A nice pair of Chevys enjoying the sunshine.
I’ve only tried black and white a few times. I’m not real good at it but maybe someday. Still this Chevy looks good with any camera.
Mopar or no Car
Dusters are under rated as muscle cars. Sure everyone wants the Cudas, Challengers, and Chargers but you can get yourself a nice muscle car with the Duster.
This is one sexy beast. Everything about it looks great.
I wish pictures could capture sound. This Firebird sounded amazing.
A parting shot of the cars lined up.

I know the posts are few and far between these days but life has been busy. I’ll have more content soon.