Nov 15

Film Friday: Four Thousand Miles of Rust, 2012 Rat Rod Tour

Here at IG we are firm believers in getting your car out and going for a cruise. Too many times in our travels we see cars that rarely if ever get driven. Sure show cars are nice, but cars are made to be driven. That’s why we particularly love events like the Fall Fun Run or the Hot Rod Power Tour which take these rolling master pieces and put them in motion for the whole world to see. Now a new tour is on our radar in the 2012 Rat Rod Tour. The guys over at Rat Rod Magazine put together a great video called Four Thousand Miles of Rust which documents their journey. You just have to check it out.

Be warned the film runs over 40 minutes, but it’s 40 minutes of rust filled kick ass that will make for great viewing on a mid falls evening.

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Until next time keep it shiny side up!