May 27

Ford hot rod truck racer

Hot rods or more specifically rat rods, if that is what you call them, are huge right now. Some are literally thrown together hunks of junk that form the creators artistic idea of what a rat rod should be. Some are carefully crafted and honed to be the type of sleek machine you’d think of when you hear a Bruce Springsteen song. Both are as cool as the Arctic night.
I think this one falls in the later category. This one looks like it could head off to paint and be one of those show stoppers you see at the big hot rod shows. I couldn’t help but laugh when I over heard someone at the show say “I wonder what color he will paint it?” Of course this one is all natural and it looks stunning.

This very well could be a race truck. It’s got the look that’s for sure. And a Buick engine?

Exposed suspension in the bed is pretty sweet.
piston shifter. Yep that’s cool.
I wonder what kind of weight savings you get from not having paint?
Kind of a classic tailgate.
When what the last time you saw Hurst racing tires? Pretty cool stuff there.

That was a bit of a short and sweet post but I thought you all would enjoy this rod.