Nov 21

Hot Rodding through the Apple Festival

It has been a little while since I had a post dedicated to hot rods. Hot Rod fans wait no more as it is time to check out a few of the custom beauties from the Barry Apple Festival. Hot Rods are the ultimate expression in custom car. From wild to mild every one has a story. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so let’s get on with the pictures!


Like this monster above. Zoomies, huge fat rear tires, and skinnies up front. What a sweet beast.


The Apple festival car show is right before Halloween so it was rather appropriate for this car to be in attendence.

Details details every where.

Is that a shroud made of license plates? That is cool.
Well that’s not a flat head in this Ford.
Of course flames are to hot rodding like water is to a fish.
Looks like this one has brought home a trophy before.
Of course the tin dusters were out in force at Barry.

So that will wrap up today’s post.