Links to our Friends

Infinite-Garage would not be possible without help from our friends.  I want to use this page to thank them for their support.

Kronos Performance has some great parts and great prices for a huge variety of cars from Subarus to Cobalts.  Give ’em a call or e-mail and they will work with you to help build the car of your dreams.  Adam is an Ecotec mastermind and you owe it to yourself to talk to him if you need parts.

Exodus Racing is the premier no assist sim racing site focused around the Forza Motorsports franchise. Stop by and see what series they have cooking.

Ecotec Forum is the place to go if you are building, swaping, or just needing to know anything about GM’s Ecotec engine.

World Car Reviews is a great site we are affiliated with providing a more global flavor of car news and reviews.

Our friends at the White Hall Drag-O-Way have regular get togethers and a big reunion in the fall of the year. Good times, good people, and awesome cars. Check ’em out and come to an event sometime!

Check out JCO PRO for CNC machining, robotics, electronics, and other unique hobby and do-it-yourself projects

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