May 19

Loafers Car Club Car Show part III

A good 16 hours later then I hoped we return to the Loafers Car Club Car show in Hannibal, Missouri. I almost forgot what a sheer amout of photos I had taken until I got back to editing over the weekend. There were so many good cars and trucks to photograph I think I went into a bit of sensory overload.
Hey any time is Cocktail time right? This truck has it right. I’d say this is a pretty fresh build from the looks of things. It was sure an attention grabber.

More cars, trucks, and rods after the jump.

I think this is a 90s Thunderbird mated to a 40s Ford. That takes some imagination, creativity, and work.

Everyone likes a Camaro, well maybe not everyone, but they are pretty cool. This one was sitting right. I absolutely love cars that basically look like the came from the factory, but don’t. If that doesn’t make any sense to you then I’m not surprised. This is one of those cars where you know it’s not factory but other then wheels and suspension that’s about all you can tell is done. It’s pretty sweet.

Red calipers and those wheels look nice together.

One more Camaro for the day. What a great color.

T-bucket! T buckets are super cool. Intricate and stylish.

Fenders, we don’t need no stinking fenders.

I thought I’d end with a filthy (in a good way) Grand Sport Corvette Convertible. There is a bit of a preview in this photo of something I’m working on for later in the week. So I guess we will wrap this post up there.