May 12

Loafers Car Club Car Show

Nestled in along the river bluffs of the mighty Mississippi River lies a town made world famous by a man named Samuel Clemons. You just might know him by his other name Mark Twain. Every May the old historic district of the town hosts an event that fills the streets normally lined with tourist full of hot rods, muscle cars, and other assorted classics. The tourist district lined with shops, museums, and tons of character is the perfect setting for the Loafers Car Club Car Show.


Last year the show was held on the hill around a park in another section of town. Unfortunately like many Midwestern towns that portion of Hannibal had taken quite the economic downturn. That made the shiny show cars a bit of an odd foreground to the backdrop of the dilapidated and crumbling buildings. However the historic district is a much nicer place and I think the cars really shined with the quaint shops in the background.

That Camaro above was a real gem. It had been restored and was clearly well done. It also drove a nice distance to the show. You gotta love that.

I was at the show pretty early so there were some good shots to be had before the crowds gathered. I thought this was a pretty cool shot looking down main street as this cool Camaro backed in. Hmm. Two Camaros so far, what’s happening to me?

Bam Mopar! haha. Hey I gave you Chevy boys two photos to led with now it’s time for a little Mopar. This 70 Charger RT was looking so good.

I think the side vent is just one of those classic looks that could have only happened in the muscle car era.

The RT badge really popped to me. I had to grab a quick snap.

Amazing hot rods were out in force too. This must have been great fun to bring to the show.

Wind it up, blow it out, shut em down GTO. They don’t write songs about BMWs.

Bit of irony here. This amazing custom Chevy was done by the parts manager at the Dodge dealership. That’s just funny to me. It’s a sweet truck and I’ll have more photos of it later.

A quick shot down the side streets. By this time the people were filtering in and the multi car photos became a bit tricky.

I’ve always admired these classics. I am not sure I’d ever want to own one myself but man are they beautiful to look at. I’m glad there are still guys around that love them.

I guess we will finish up part one with a timeless Chevy. Modified of course and looking stunning.

There you have it, part one from the Loafers show. With plenty more photos to sort through you can expect to see much more from the big show a bit later in the week. So don’t worry Ford fans, I’ve got you covered too. Heck I’ve even got an AMC, Nash, and some other greats from the show.