Oct 24

Louisiana Colorfest Part 2

Z28 Camaro
We pick back up the action along the banks of the mighty Mississippi for part two of our Colorfest car show coverage. The Colorfest car show means the year is slowing down but don’t worry we have plenty of good things to come this winter. However let’s focus on now so hit the jump for more muscle car goodness from the Colorfest.

This Z28 was pretty awesome. Of course the giant blower sticking through the hood kind of gives that awesome vibe.

Z28 engine

I didn’t have to walk far to find this beautiful first Gen Camaro Z28. Check out all the Hot Rod Power tour stickers on this one. Yep it’s a driver and that makes it extra interesting to us at Infinite Garage.
1st gen Z28

If we move to more modern times, this GT500 looks nice in red.
Shelby GT500

Maybe Mopar power is your thing though.

The hood tells us a story.
Six Pack

A very nicely customized fifth gen Camaro drew a lot of attention.
Fifth Gen Camaro

The black American Racing wheels compliment the fifth gen perfectly.

I’ve been accused recently of playing favorites to Mopars and the new Challenger in particular. Just to put all rumors to rest that is exactly what I’m doing. How can you not love them?

I’ll end with this little Scamp. Get it? Scamp? Oh that was bad. Cool car though that you don’t see very often.
Dodge Scamp