May 16

Nitrous Powered Plymouth Fury

If big engines, big carbs, and gobs of horse power just aren’t your thing then maybe you are into green cars. I like green cars too, particularly Sublime on a sweet classic Mopar. The squeeze has been the weapon of choice for countless racers over the years including one special Plymouth Fury. Adorned in Sublime this Fury has lots of custom touches including some trick interior features, a well decorated engine bay, and oh yeah that little bottle in the back. I’m not sure how green cars save the environment but we should investigate this sublime green Plymouth Fury to see.

Sublime Plymouth

For the most part the Plymouth Fury did not really live up to it’s name. The performance thing was left up to the other muscle cars in the Mopar stable but that did not stop one owner from going all out on his Fury and making it everything it could have been in the muscle car era and more. So hit the jump and check out some more on this awesomely restomodded Mopar.

Check out the cool twin snouts on the Fury. It’s hard to tell from the picture but that badge on the snout says “nitrous injected.”
fury hood scoops

Can you spot the nitrous lines under here? Check out all that custom bright work and other parts. There is a lot going on under here and it fits the car perfectly.
nitrous filled engine bay

The interior has lots of goodies. Check out those gauges up on the cowl. More on those in a second.
plymouth fury interior
I love the placement here. Ok, the wipers are in the way a bit, but still it’s a great spot.
plymouth fury gauges

Even the bottle gets the green treatment. You have to keep your eyes open around this Fury to spot everything that has been customized.
nitrous bottle

Lastly we will take a look at the custom stripe and logo on the rear of the fury. It’s just one last little touch to separate the car from the pack.
rear stripe