Apr 18

NJ Grand Prix could be postponed, France coming back.

In sad and not so surprising news it looks like the Grand Prix of New Jersey or whatever they’ll call it might get postponed. This is according to Bernie Eccelstone. The other big news is the French Grand Prix may be coming back which sounds good right? I mean if you are going to race in France it’s going to be in Magny-Cours which is a pretty awesome track. But wait, nothing makes sense in Bernie land the French GP will be at the Paul Richard Circuit. Now F1 has raced there before a very long time ago and it’s not a bad circuit so I probably shouldn’t complain but this next bit of news should make any F1 fan angry. The French GP will alternate years with Spa. Ok I officially hate Bernie now. The best track on the calender, best race of the season, one of very few with any history and now we only get it every two years? It’s time for Bernie to go.

Source: Pitpass