Nov 26

Original 1967 GTO

I have nothing but respect to the GTO it arguably launched the muscle car era. While I’m more of a fan of modified cars there is something special about cars that are kept all original. By having an original car it means you are a custodian of history and there is a very big responsibility that comes with that.

GTOs are of course hugely popular still today but it is not too often you run across one as clean and put back to original as this one. Check out the perfect paint.

Of course at shows it is nearly impossible to get a shot of a car without the hood up. I’d love to have gotten a few shots with this car all buttoned up and with that iconic hood but maybe next time.

Of course having the hood open does afford some other opportunities. Do you think this engine bay looked from the factory?

Someday people will look back at this GTO as an example of how to put together GTOs. Even the factory markings are correct on the undercarriage. This truly is a historic time capsule.

You don’t have to be a butcher to know what the inside of a goat looks like. We have a picture right here. No, those gauges under the dash are not stock and some people will throw a huge fit over it. Look, if you are going to drive an original 1967 GTO around have an oil pressure gauge is a damn good idea. I will never fault someone for having instrumentation that can save you a blown engine. Plus these things could be easily removed in a five minutes.

lastly a closer look at those beautiful wheels.

I really appreciated getting to look over this amazing GTO. It’s a little piece of history from long before I was born. There aren’t too many original cars and getting to see one is great.