Sep 03

The White Hall Drag O Way Cruise In

August had five Fridays so you know the White Hall Drag O Way boys are going to have their cruise in. As always it was a great turn out with a little bit of everything for everyone. Sadly my summer has been marred with new big life challenges and I just haven’t gotten out and about like I have in the past, but getting out to see my old friends at the WHDOW was good for the soul.
I’ll kick this one off with a look at a beauty of a Chevy Nova. This car single handedley made me love the Nova. If I were going to get a classic Chevy it would definitely be a Nova.
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Aug 26

Corvette Z06 to be priced at $78,000

The hard core racer community is all up in arms about the new Corvette Z06. “oh no you can buy an automatic.” “oh no you can buy a convertible.” Here’s the thing, you don’t have to. What I’ve never understood in the car world is why does it matter if the Z06 can be optioned with a convertible or automatic? You can still get the car in hard top and manual form so what are you complaining about?
The bottom line is these “hard core” racers want to feel special. They don’t want your average old guy having the same car they have. They want the Z06 to be special and exclusive, which of course it is special, but never was exclusive.

That brings us to the beauty of it all the price. The old Z06 was a steal at the low $60,000 dollar range so when the new one was announced with more and better everything well I feared it would be a $100,000 car. In fact you could option some of the C6 special editions to around $100,000. What I forgot was the Z06 was made by Chevy and Chevy knows how to make a kick ass car on the cheap. That brings us to the $78,000 dollar C7 Corvette Z06. Bad ass on the cheap. Relatively cheap.
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Aug 17

2014 Pike County Muscle Car Tour

Car shows are fun and it’s certainly a great place to take the family and see some great pieces of automotive engineering. I’m glad they exists because it’s important to have these shiny pristine examples for the world to see. However I’d trade ten car shows for one day of cruising. Today was that day. The day started off very wet and while some spirits were dampened and some owners decided to keep their cars in the garage a small but mighty crew turned out to hit the open road in the name of American muscle.
I would get the luxury of riding shot gun in one bad ass fifth gen Camaro that I’ve showed you before here on IG. The pilot on our rocket ship Brenton and I have more in common then just a love for cars. Both of us are also bass guitarist and farmers. Needless today there was no lack of good conversation in our car. Mainly though it was about cars and I was fortunate enough to spend the day in his 500+hp rocket ship. LS3 powered, cammed, and a mean exhaust meant when we rolled into a little town everyone took notice.
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Aug 15

Pike County Muscle Car Cruise is this weekend!

Tomorrow morning around 9am a whole bunch of muscle cars and one supercharged Chevy Cobalt SS will meet up at Halpin Autoparts for the annual Pike County Muscle Car Cruise. A gathering of friends and fans of all things Murican Muscle will set out on the open road just as it is supposed to be.
As you can see from the picture IG mobile command center is just about ready to roll. I’ll be doing some video, lots of photos, and hopefully just capturing the fun of it all. The forecast is for a little rain in the morning but then a nice break around cruise time. So hopefully it all goes off without a hitch. If you are in the area come join us. Registration starts at 9am at Halpin Autoparts in Pittsfield, IL.

Hope to see you there.

Aug 13

The 2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat

Sometimes life requires four doors. If your life falls into that catagory don’t panic and go buy some damned minivan because Dodge has you covered. Not to long ago the Dodge Challenger Hellcat was born it was inevitable that soon it’s four door brother the Charger would get the monster 707hp Supercharged 8 cylinders of kickass too. That day is here.
The Charger is stuffed with the same goodies you get in the Challenger and of course two extra doors. I’m sure a lot of die hard Mopar guys are still a bit sore that the Charger got four doors in the first place but surely the fact that it is now the fastest production sedan… the world makes up for it right?

More info and pics after the jump.
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