Jan 29

Photos From the St. Louis Autoshow

I’ve been to Autoshows before but I’ve never been to the St. Louis Autoshow so time to try something new. Now like all autoshows the St. Louis show is a lot of new cars with a classic scattered in occasionally. Packed with people and indoors it makes for a photographer’s nightmare. I’m not going to sugar coat it, my pics are far from high quality.

I did manage to get a shot of that Sublime Scat Pack Dodge Challenger driving by outside the show. She’s a real beaut.
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Jan 25

It was a car kind of weekend: Sunday Commentary?

Too many time here at IG I think I focus on being professional and making a good informative article and I just forget the passion. It’s why lately I’ve just posted a lot of pictures instead of a lot of rambling. Photos are really what you guys want to see I know it’s what I like but still there are stories to tell. Stories of passion, excitement, and all the other reasons we love cars. This weekend I was reminded that it’s a multitude of reasons.
One thing I suppose I’ve always known but never realized what that one of the coolest thing about cars is that they can be fun alone or with a group. This weekend I did a little bit of both. I met some friends on Saturday to go to the St. Louis Autoshow. I’m not a big “autoshow” guy because standing around in a big mass of people looking at a bunch of new cars really isn’t my thing. Oh I love car shows, you know where cars people actually own get together and show off their personal rides. That’s fun, but I could care less about the latest Kia suburbia or Toyota boring as hell. However I was pretty excited about the prospect of seeing the new Hellcat and Z06 as well as some others. So off to the autoshow we go.
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Jan 23

Lotus goes green with their new racer

When I’m looking through the dozen or two press releases I get each day I’m looking for specific things. Muscle cars, interesting technology, and cars that look crazy. If a car looks crazy and is green that’s probably going to get my attention. Lotus is today’s winner of the green car contest with their new racing Elise Cup R. att29b4a
I once tried to test drive an Elise. It would have went well if I could have fit in the darn thing. Unfortunately when I tried to work the clutch my knee would hit the wheel and I couldn’t let the clutch out. That was a bid disappointment because I do love these little cars.

Renowned for its race-bred ethos, the development of the Elise Cup R into an enticing new model is now complete.

Following extensive testing, Lotus has finely honed its engaging Elise S into a Cup variant. A dramatic 3.0s reduction of the Hethel lap time of the Elise S suggests that enthusiasts seeking a viable track-day / road car need look no further.
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Jan 22

Photos from the floor of NAIAS

I finally got around to going through more photos from Detroit. So this post is going to be short on words and heavy on photos. Kicking it of with the new Ecoboost powered Ford Raptor.
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Jan 20

Hellcat Math

BBC Autos gets the credit for this poster. It shows what you can get with a Hellcat that equals a car that is much more expensive.

hellcat match

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