Jul 11

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat 11.2 second quarter mile, with video

I was weeding through my inbox of press releases this morning trying to find something fun or interesting to post for Friday. There was some crap about a Hyundai, and I guess GM is recalling the recall on their ignition switches and then I saw something from Dodge/SRT. Something interesting indeed. We knew with 707hp the Hellcat would be a beast. As it turns out it’s also darn near a 10 second car. 11.2 to be exact which considering it weighs as much as a house is pretty impressive.
dodge challenger hellcat srt
Ok, it’s real impressive. 11.2 stock means the good drivers are going to touch the 10s right out of the box. SRT says with drag radials they hit 10.8 and I’d be willing to bet there’s more then that in it. Sure the Challenger SRT Hellcat won’t be a bargain price, but when it can throw around numbers like 11.2 seconds in the quarter mile and 707hp it doesn’t have to be. Oh yeah and it has a warranty.

more info and a video after the jump.

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Jul 10

Shelby American to auction #1 Shelby GT at Reno

In a world where cars are given special editions and special serial numbers just to be special no one leads the world in hype like Barrett Jackson. Over the years they’ve auctioned off number 1 Vettes, Camaros, Mustangs, and even some crap from Brett Michaels. All in the name of special. I get it, in America from the time we are born to the time we die we are told we are special. You know just like everyone else. We are told to be an individual, to be ourselves, to be unique. Just like everyone else. The car world is not exempt from “special.” Especially the Ford Mustang.
Barrett Jackson Edition GT
Barrett-Jackson and Shelby American have teamed up to have their own “special” Mustang. The Barrett Jackson edition. Which Barrett-Jackson will of course auction the first one off at their Reno, Nevada auction. I’m not knocking Barrett-Jackson here, their auctions are car guy paradise and I’m really not knocking Shelby either. Although I’m not sure having a Shelby in the post Carroll Shelby era is all that big of a deal. I guess what I’m knocking is this need to have a special edition every thing. They are going to make 100 of these special edition Barrett-Jackson Shelby American Ford Mustangs. That’s going to have to be one hell of a big badge to fit all that on the trunk. So they will sell 100 of them before they even make them. Then there will be 100 very capable Mustangs that never get driven. That drives me nuts. They will get stored away in some guys garage never to see the light of day again because they are “collectible.”

I’ll get off my soapbox now. More info from Shelby American about the Barrett-Jackson edition after the jump.
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Jul 08

Callaway Corvette Stingray to have 627hp. The folks at SRT are unimpressed

When you hear Callaway you think power. Like Sledgehammer power. Of course we all knew it would be a matter of time before the Callaway gang hopped up the new Corvette Stingray. At 450hp from the factory the Stingray is no slouch. Callaway have managed to squeeze out almost 200 more hp. Almost. That brings the Callaway Corvette Stingray to 627hp. Two weeks ago we would have been impressed, but the guys over at SRT are pumping out 707 from the factory. I just thought I should point that out.
calaway stingray
Callaway has always been the expensive way to get more power from your Vette. Still for those of you that just want to have the legendary name plate on your car here’s your chance.

More pics, a fancy dynomometer print out and the details after the jump.
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Jul 04

The five most American cars

I read an interesting article the other day about which cars are the most American. Turns out it’s a Toyota. Go figure. However I’d like to think of the question a bit differently. What makes an American car, American? It’s not the amount of parts made here, where it’s assembled, or any of that unimportant stuff. An American car should have three things. A big engine, big horsepower, and it should be big. So setting any logic aside here is the five most American cars.

ford truck
The Ford truck. Pick one anyone. Now ok it’s not a car, but really is there anything more American than a pick up truck? Yes there is and we’ll get to that later. In the mean time we could actually name America “pick up truck land” and it would be more fitting then the land of the free. The older the better. Why not a Chevy you ask? While super cool Ford is the number one selling truck here in ‘Murica.
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Jul 03

Music to your ears: Ferrari 312PB

The fellows over at Petrolicious are kind of my automotive journalistic heroes. They get to do amazing things. Like record one of the coolest racers ever. The Ferrari 312PB. In the days when Ferrari still went prototype racing Ferrari was producing some amazing noise makers. The 312PB maybe the most amazing of them all.
For long time readers of IG it’s no secret that sound is as much important to me as speed. Speed can be used on rare occasions, sound on the other hand, well with the right car you can give the neighbors an internal combustion symphony any time of day.

The 312PB was of course made for racing and it’s V12 sings a sweet song. Hit the jump for the full video.
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