May 18

Panther Pink Dodge Challenger

The hi impact colors that Mopar released it’s muscle and pony cars with in the 1960s and 1970s are a thing of legend. With awesome names like Plum Crazy, Sublime, Sassy Grass and of course Panther Pink how could you not love them? Unfortunately Dodge these days has lost it’s sense of humor, or sure every year there is some new special edition high impact color but since most of America just wants what I call “suburbia silver” and “boring ass bronze” on their cars these days Dodge has largely quelled the awesomeness that is the high impact color. Fortunately for those of us who don’t take our selves too seriously the Mopar collectors of the world have kept these gems of a by gone era in pristine condition for a new generation of car guy to see.

Pink Panther Challenger

A few very brave souls ordered their Mopar muscle in Panther Pink. Like this Challenger. Ok, this Challenger was not Panther Pink from the factory but as a tribute to the Panther Pink cars this owner decided to restore his beautiful Challenger in Panther Pink. It takes some seriously huge balls to paint your car pink.

I know one thing about this about this Challenger, it’s got a 440 under the hood. This tells me that any one who dares make fun of the pink color is probably going to get shut down between the lights.
440 six back

The grill tells us this car was made post 1972. The Pink tells us it’s awesome.
post 1972 grill

I think the R/T badge is one of my favorites. It’s timeless and it means you are looking at something serious. Unlike Chevy which put the SS badge on anything it thought it could sell, the T/T badge has typically been reserved for cars with some real go.
challenger RT badge
The black really stands out on the Panther Pink creating a pretty sweet contrast.
deck likd

If you have an old Mopar you almost have to have the pistol grip shifter. This one is of course pink.
pistol grip shifter

I’m not sure I’m man enough to rock a pink car, but I’m glad there are men who are so that I can get the chance to shoot cool cars like this one.