Apr 13

Race on Sunday doesn’t matter on Monday

I’m sitting in a hospital room on an early Monday morning reading every car magazine I can get to fight of boredom and I came across an article by Bob Lutz in Road and Track. He was talking about how he would discourage any manufacturer he was a part of from sponsoring race cars. His point is that they do not translate into sales and who can argue that? I’m sure in 1970 a success at the race track translated to the dealership but that was when you could buy a car that actually resembled a race car. Imagine watching a Roadrunner Superbird run at Talledega on Sunday and going to the dealer and buying one on Monday. Now that’s cool.
That brings us to 2015 where a Nascar is a purpose built chassis on a shell that only sort of looks like a street car. When a driver wins it’s usually not the manufacturer that gets credit but the driver and sponsors. How about F1? haha yeah right, F1 tries to claim technology trickles down and maybe if you are one of the lucky few that is in the market for a La Ferrari you can benefit from the millions in R and D spent on F1 but the rest of us never will.

It of course will never happen but what if these series decided to go back to the old formula of using race ready street cars? Wouldn’t that be something?

There’s your random Monday morning thought.