Sep 27

Singapore GP Recap – F1 2013

Singapore GP 2013The Singapore GP, the only F1 race that takes place at night and on a street circuit. As a result it can be one of the most tumultuous races of an given season. Hit the jump to find out how exciting it was to race for second place at the Singapore GP.

Singapore GP 2013The combination of F1 cars and city streets always makes for an exciting race weekend.  Monaco, Valencia and the former F1 circuits of Long Beach and Pheonix have a distinctive look and feel to them that can not be replicated by a dedicated race circuit.  Little to no run off, blind corners, and cement barriers topped with chain link mean that F1 drivers have no margin for error at street circuits.

Singapore GP 2013The Singapore GP has all of the characteristics of a street circuit with the added complication of being run under the  glare of over 1500 white metal halide lamps that put out 2000 watts each.  At the minimum it provides fans with a spectacle like no other and provides the driver’s a unique challenge.

Singapore GP 2013As challenging as the course might be the 2013 Singapore GP was even more predictable than most.  Three time consecutive World Champion, and three time consecutive winner of the Singapore GP, Sebastian Vettel simply drove away from the field.  The Red Bull driver topped the charts during the entire weekend and his 30+ second margin of victory, over what must be an extremely frustrated Alonso, was impressive to say the least.  At this point most people believe it’s only a matter of time before Vettel secures his 4th consecutive F1 Championship.

Singapore GP 2013With a strong grip on second place in both the drivers championship and the Singapore GP, Fernando Alonso showed why he is possibly the most highly regarded F1 driver of the current generation.  With the help a phenomenal start that shot the Spaniard from 7th to 3rd in the first lap, Alonso went on to secure second place and once again put the car well ahead of it’s predicted finishing position.

Singapore GP 2013If the Singapore GP was any indication Ferrari will have two drivers capable of charging through the field in less than optimum cars.  Kimi Raikkonen formally announced that he will be rejoining the Ferrari team, where he won the 2007 championship.  Kimi put on an amazing performance, scything through the field from 14th to finish 3rd.  Even KERS issues couldn’t slow the Finn down.

Singapore GP 2013Another tradition continued at the Singapore GP.  Every race in the history of the Singapore GP had featured at least one safety car and this year’s edition was no exception.  Daniel Ricciardo was the first to meet an immovable object, which brought out the obligatory safety car.  Not long after Romain Grosjean withdrew with mechancal troubles and Force India’s Paul di Resta found the wall a few laps later.

Singapore GP 2013Red Bull driver Mark Webber was forced to retire on the last lap when his gearbox finally gave up the ghost  The real controversy began after than when he received a ride back to the pits from Alonso.  Webber and Alonso both received a reprimand and Webber will start with a 10 place grid penalty in Korea, since he’s had three reprimands this season.  While rules are rules, and it’s understandable that riding on the sidepod of an F1 car could be considered dangerous, the penalty seems a little harsh.

I’ll leave you with a gallery of amazing images of the Sinagpore GP, courtesy of our friends at Red Bull and Pirelli.

For all the official results of the Singapore GP check out the Official F1 site.