Jan 28

Subaru BRZ RA Track ready

With the Subaru BRZ getting ready to enter it’s second year of production they have rolled out the BRZ RA which is a track ready version of their very cool BRZ. Now let’s just say this up front, this car is not available in the US and it never will be. Why? Well because when people order cars here they need heated ass warmers and navigation so it quite frankly wouldn’t sell well enough to bother. That’s too bad because it looks quite worthy. I’d love to get my hands on one.
So what do you get with the BRZ RA?
-Race Seats
-LSD (which the car has stock)
-oil cooler
-tow hooks
-4 point seat belt
-roll cage
-front fascia with brake ducts

Sounds like a nice little package for those wanting to take a BRZ to the track. If we convert this over to US dollars the package would cost about $31,000. That’s not too bad for those racing goodies installed and ready to roll. You can hit the jump for the press release and a few more photos from Subaru.


PRESS RELEASE=straight Japanese translation from Google so pardon the rough translation.
Can compete in ~ “GAZOO Racing 86/BRZ Race” announced the SUBARU BRZ “RA Racing” vehicles compete one-make race
tow hook
January 25, 2013

Participation as a vehicle for one-make race 86/SUBARU BRZ TOYOTA, FHI, today announced the “RA Racing” was a charity race bodywork for SUBARU BRZ.

Based on the “RA” is the best grade to improve brake performance in the customization, Torsen LSD “RA Racing” is * 1 , equipped and air-cooled engine oil cooler. In addition, also decorated with safety equipment, such as 6-point roll cage and 4 point seat belt, was Mel specifications and enjoy with confidence the traveling circuit that assumes the race.
oil cooler
This vehicle, one make race “GAZOO Racing 86/BRZ Race” that is scheduled to take place from the summer of 2013: Toyota Techno Craft (supervision Toyota Cars Race association) * 2 will be released from the “86 Racing It is possible with the war. ”

Under the brand statement “Confidence in Motion” Subaru, while through the “car making sure” to deliver “enjoyment and peace of mind”, FHI, we aim to expand the Subaru fan. It is part of that commitment to one make race “GAZOO Racing 86/BRZ Race” at this time.

“RA Racing”

Major equipment – SUBARU BRZ “RA Racing”

front fascia

subaru brz ra front fascia

Front / rear ventilated disc brakes
brake ducts, dedicated & dedicated brake back plate (with vehicles left and right front)
Torsen LSD [limited-slip differential]
engine oil cooler, air-cooled
4-point seat belt certified (FIA ,) Exclusively designed for competition vehicles equipped * 3 & ‚Äč‚ÄčAnchor bolt mounting
point roll cage, 6 with sidebar
Manual air conditioning) with (clean filter
dedicated floor mat) vehicles equipped with seat driver / passenger (
front transport Hook & rear transport hook (with vehicle-Exclusively designed for competition)

Source: Subaru