May 05

Sunday Commentary: Cinco De Mayo

Another weekend and more rain here in the Midwest. We are now going on seven car events canceled due to wet weather this spring. It’s getting old fast. Next weekend though brings the promise of more car gatherings, but a quick check of the forecast also brings the promise of more rain. We will soldier on here though with a healthy dose of hot rods, muscle cars, and all that is news from the world of the car.

Chevy II

Pictured above is a sweet Chevy II from an event I attended last year. I’ve fallen in love with these little cars over the last year. I think they clean up well, and their small size and big engine combo usually will fill any doctors prescription for what ails you. While these aren’t first tier collector cars they certainly are picking up popularity and for good reason.

I dream of Road Runners
It is no secret one of my favorite muscle cars it the Plymouth Road Runner. I’m a Mopar guy at heart despite driving modern Chevy’s. I thought I’d share a dream I had last night with everyone. I was visiting a relative of mine who knew of a junkyard nearby and he said he had a surprise for me. He had found my Dad’s 1974 Road Runner. The excitement was at a fever pitch as we drove to the junkyard. Sadly when we got there there was no 1974 Road Runner. Back here in reality there are two cars I’d love to find, my Dad’s 71 Cuda, and his 74 Road Runner. That chances are slim to none and even if we did find the Cuda, which was totaled, I doubt it would be in my budget. However one of the things that make muscle cars so great is that chance that some where out there is that car and that I may just stumble on it someday.

Week in Review
Early in the week IG took a decidedly Asian flavor as we took a look at the new Nismo 370Z. We are a bit split here at the IG office as to who likes this car and who doesn’t. I personally do like it quite a bit. No it is not the best looking Z to ever come out of Japan but I think it has some character, which is something the old 350z never had. What do you think about the Nismo 370Z?
spoiler of 370z

Corvette pace car
It should come as a shocker to no one that the new Chevy Corvette Stingray will be the pace car for the Indy 500. Chevy’s marketing machine is at it hard to get the Stingray in front of as many eyes as it can. I’d be surprised if there is any one left in the country that hasn’t seen the car though. It certainly has the car world and the IG office a blaze. We love it, and it looks amazing in Laguna Blue.
indy 500 pace car

New 911 Turbo
We talked a little about the new Porsche 911 Turbo this week, and we will have a full feature on it tomorrow. A new 911 is almost as big of a deal as a new Corvette. ALMOST. We love the 911s for the same reason we love Corvettes. Balls to the wall performance, a tad bit of lunacy, and compared to the super cars of the world a decent price. So tune in tomorrow for all the details of the new 911 Turbo.
911 Turbo S

Obligatory hot rod shot

That will wrap up the Sunday Commentary for this week. I have some product testing to do which will result in an article on interior cleaners mid week. It’s something I’ve shied a bit away from but now I’m just going to leap into it head first. So until next time keep it shiny side up.
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