Jun 07

Sunday Drive

Another Sunday is here and I’ve been slacking a bit on the week in review. So much so I’m not even sure I’ll do it regularly. It would be great if I could do IG all day everyday for a living but there is a real world out that keeps me away sometimes. Still IG is my passion and it makes me really happy to say we have a really busy week ahead with lots of cool coverage from the Rod Run in Wentzville, Missouri. I think it was bigger this year then last and the lighting was perfect for shooting cars.
I will have something for everyone coming up this week but don’t be surprised if it’s not a tad Mopar heavy. There were so many great ones to choose from and it seemed they were out 3:1 over the other brands. In the mean time let’s do a little review.

Probably the big news for us this week was getting to drive the new Corvette Stingray. It’s as good as advertised and there is no doubt it will sell well a very long time.
C7 Stingray Corvette Test Drive
2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Cosworth BRZ
Cosworth is a world renowned maker of things that go fast. It seems they are changing things up a bit by adding the BRZ to their line up of go fast cars. It’s a welcome addition to a car that is pretty awesome, but needs some more ponies.
Cosworth BRZ

Junkyard Cuda
We wrapped the week up with Junkyard Cuda. MT’s build up of an old Cuda to go racing with. If only we had MT’s budget….
Junkyard Cuda

As I said it was a short week. We’ll try harder next time.