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Jan 25

It was a car kind of weekend: Sunday Commentary?

Too many time here at IG I think I focus on being professional and making a good informative article and I just forget the passion. It’s why lately I’ve just posted a lot of pictures instead of a lot of rambling. Photos are really what you guys want to see I know it’s what I …

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Apr 28

Monday thoughts and things

My Sunday was jam packed and I just did not get a chance to post a Sunday Commentary. I guess that means we won’t have one of those this week but never fear I’m here to ramble on about what ever the heck I want. Car show season is so close you can almost smell …

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Feb 04

Down to the details. Muscle cars, hot rods, and classics Pt. 1

wire wheel

Details for me are what makes or breaks muscle cars, hot rods, and classics. From 50 years every Camaro looks the same, but from 5 feet the little things stand out and that’s what makes a car unique. I’ve found myself over the years taking a lot of photos of things like hood ornaments, manifolds, …

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Feb 02

Speed Record cars since the 1980s


Cars breaking speed records since the 80’s Since the invention of cars, people have continually tried to break the existing speed records. Back in the early days of cars, this was a much easier task than it was today, as some vehicles could barely go faster than 20 miles per hour. However, since the 1980s, …

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Jan 27

Sunday Commentary: January 27, 2013 I wanna go fast

Bill Fredrick

Another Sunday another time for me to spout off about whatever I want to spout off on. Bonneville is heavy on my mind these days as we are planning an Infinite-Garage.com gathering at Bonneville. It has tons of potential if we can pull it off but that is a huge if. When we try and …

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