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Jul 07

Does Dodge have the best ad team

A few years ago Dodge had that George Washington commercial where he was running off the red coats in a Challenger. That was cool. Then Ram had the “God created a farmer” commercial which if you come from a farm background got you right in the feels. Now Dodge has done it again showcasing the …

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Feb 07

SRT Satin Vapor editions

The Chicago Auto Show is here and some news is trickling out. Much of it not all that interesting to us here at IG but you can always rely on the SRT boys to come up with something note worthy. It’s been a steady stream of special edition cars from the gang at SRT and …

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May 25

One sweet 68 Dodge Charger R/T

1968 Dodge Charger Wheels

The Dodge Charger R/T is one of the most sought after muscle cars because of it’s gorgeous looks, great go factor, and scarcity. Now it’s no secret I’m a Mopar man and it is amazing cars like this that have guided me in that direction of the years. I ran across this stunner a few …

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Jan 28

Monday and I’m in the mood for Muscle Cars

ZL1 Camaro

Muscle cars are always closest to my heart. The sound, feel, smell, and visuals are just awesome. They celebrate a bygone era of America when corporations had a sense of humor, people had a little extra spending money, and cars were built for a purpose, not a price point. I love the thought of a …

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Oct 28

Watch The General Lee Get Its Drift On

Who doesn’t love the General Lee? Well, here is one exhibiting some pretty sweet drift skills. Looks like the Duke boys are at it again!

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