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May 12

Loafers Car Club Car Show

Nestled in along the river bluffs of the mighty Mississippi River lies a town made world famous by a man named Samuel Clemons. You just might know him by his other name Mark Twain. Every May the old historic district of the town hosts an event that fills the streets normally lined with tourist full …

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Mar 24

Callaway Camaro Z/28

Callaway is well known for making Chevy’s go like hell. I am sure the Sledgehammer is something everyone has heard of. Now Callaway is setting their sites on the new Chevy Camaro Z/28. We have talked a lot about the Z/28. Chevy thinks it is the best Camaro ever. We think it is a tad …

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Mar 14

Corvettes: American Icon

I saw this really amazing Vette today. Unfortunately it was going the opposite way of me. It was a first generation and it had some aftermarket parts on it. It was a stunner. That got me thinking about some of the nice Vettes I’ve seen over the years. Corvettes are a love or hate car. …

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Jan 02

Best Sports Car of 2013

My favorite category to do the awards for is best sports car. It’s not going to be hard to do this year. My love affair for the C6 and now C7 Corvette is pretty well known. When a front engine sports car out performs the super cars that cost three and four times as much …

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Nov 20

Wallpaper Wednesday: Chevrolet

Wallpaper Wednesday is back and today I keep it simple with a Chevrolet badge. So for you Chevy boys click past the jump for your choice of two sizes depending on your monitor.

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