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May 19

Loafers Car Club Car Show part III

A good 16 hours later then I hoped we return to the Loafers Car Club Car show in Hannibal, Missouri. I almost forgot what a sheer amout of photos I had taken until I got back to editing over the weekend. There were so many good cars and trucks to photograph I think I went …

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May 12

Loafers Car Club Car Show

Nestled in along the river bluffs of the mighty Mississippi River lies a town made world famous by a man named Samuel Clemons. You just might know him by his other name Mark Twain. Every May the old historic district of the town hosts an event that fills the streets normally lined with tourist full …

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Apr 28

Monday thoughts and things

My Sunday was jam packed and I just did not get a chance to post a Sunday Commentary. I guess that means we won’t have one of those this week but never fear I’m here to ramble on about what ever the heck I want. Car show season is so close you can almost smell …

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Mar 31

Photos from the Jacksonville Cruise Night car show

Jackpot! While doing some hard drive cleaning I found some photos I hadn’t posted yet. I think last fall when I had some computer trouble these got backed up and forgotten about. New content is good content. I’ve got a little Ford, Mopar, and Chevy so something for everyone today. This is just a taste …

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Mar 24

Callaway Camaro Z/28

Callaway is well known for making Chevy’s go like hell. I am sure the Sledgehammer is something everyone has heard of. Now Callaway is setting their sites on the new Chevy Camaro Z/28. We have talked a lot about the Z/28. Chevy thinks it is the best Camaro ever. We think it is a tad …

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