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Mar 21

Plymouth Barracuda Commercial

The internet is an amazing place. Without I may have never gotten to see cool things like this Plymouth Barracuda Commercial form 1966. Yet here we are today in 2014 and we can watch it forever. Mopar or no car!

Jan 23

Favorite cars of 2013

It’s Thursday, it’s the middle of winter and I’m dying for some car action. Sadly there is none to be found around the frozen wasteland that is West Central Illinois where the Infinite Garage HQ is located. I thought maybe today would be a good time to look back at my favorite cars I photographed …

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Jan 20

50 years of the legendary Gen II 426 Hemi

Bruce Springsteen once wrote the lyric “Hemi powered drones scream down the boulavard” in his 1975 hit “Born to Run.” With the muscle car era over and long before collector cars existed the Hemi was a legend. They don’t right songs about Wankles. Now 50 years after the second generation Hemi which includes the legendary …

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Jan 12

Sunday Commentary: The January Thaw

I hope where you are today is experiencing the same warm temperatures that we are here in the Midwest. After what has to be one of the worst and most depressing weather weeks I can remember finally we catch a break. I bet the car washes in my area are loving this. Hopefully if the …

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Oct 28

Fall Fun Run

On our Facebook page today I started the day off by saying “today we cruise.” My Sunday morning started early with getting some work done here on Infinite-Garage.com, then doing a little work to the company car so it was cruise ready. I met up with some fellow car guys in my home town and …

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