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Jun 05

Junkyard Cuda

The guys at Motor Trend don’t really need me to pimp their videos here on IG. They have nearly unlimited funds and all the fans in the world so you might be asking why show one of their videos. Well, it’s cool that’s why. They find an old Cuda, spruce it up a little. (Very …

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Apr 14

World Record Dodge Challenger with video!

When you already have the world record for the fastest new Dodge Challenger where do you go from there? Well you smash it by a half second. That was the case with Rob Goss and his HHP Racing Drag Pack Dodge Challenger. With a time of 7.32@187 MPH that is going to be a tough …

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Mar 27

1965 Home Made Mustang Funny Car

Confession time. I surf ebay a lot. It is mainly a time waster while I’m waiting in line some where or in a waiting room. Still I probably spend more time there then I should. I like to dream about buying some junker, usually a Mopar, and fixing it up into something magnificent. One of …

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Mar 05

Vintage Gassers on the the strip

Gassers are a very unique breed of drag racer. It is always a nice treat to see one at a show, but it’s even cooler to see them run at the strip. Well I was tooling around the internet when I stumbled across this really cool video of some vintage gassers running at the strip. …

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Feb 12

Late 1950s Drag Racing Footage

Vintage drag racing is one of my favorite things to watch. I love seeing classics doing what they are supposed to do. Go fast! Too often the classic cars I see today are only show cars. I obviously like show cars but I really like race cars. When I come across some cool old video …

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