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Sep 25

Hot rod Wallpaper

It must be Wallpaper Wednesday because I see a sweet hot rod suspension and exhaust in beautiful black and white just waiting to be uploaded here to the site for your viewing pleasure. I shot this at the Jacksonville Cruise Night car show on a warm and very bright sunny day. I thought the photo …

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Jul 07

Sunday Commentary: Fake Exhaust Noise, two Ford Coupes, and the Week in Review


Another Sunday, another time to look back, forward, and to do a little ranting. I keep hearing more and more about how we should do more opinion as well as our typical landslide of photos and news. I’m leary, cars can be as polarizing as politics and I like to avoid drama, but what the …

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Apr 22

Earth Day tips for car lovers

I read an article earlier about things you can do on Earth Day to save the environment when you drive. Of course this was driven by a car hating hippie so it included things like switching to an electric car, using public transit, biking to work, or even walking. I don’t like expensive slow cars, …

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Dec 19

Amazing sounding Corvette

If you are here reading this, then I’m guessing you are like us and love a great sounding car.  Today’s random clip comes from youtube and is of a very nice sounding cammed Corvette.  yum!