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Jan 12

The North American International Autoshow is here!

It’s the best week of winter with the North American International Autoshow kicking off. I think I’ll just call it the Detroit Autoshow from now on. It’s been a little bit since I’ve done any writing and I think it’s time to get back on the loud peddle and make some noise. We’ll try and …

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Oct 09

From the floor of the Paris Motorshow

Quick and easy post of about a dozen photos of a lot of high end European go fast from the Paris Motorshow. More after the jump.

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Jul 03

Music to your ears: Ferrari 312PB

The fellows over at Petrolicious are kind of my automotive journalistic heroes. They get to do amazing things. Like record one of the coolest racers ever. The Ferrari 312PB. In the days when Ferrari still went prototype racing Ferrari was producing some amazing noise makers. The 312PB maybe the most amazing of them all. For …

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May 07

A measure of the Man: behind the scenes of a pit stop

The pit stop is an integral part of any racing series. In series like Nascar and Formula 1 the pit stop takes mere seconds before the car is off speeding back towards the track. These seconds can cost a team the win. That is why crews train vigorously to ensure they perform as good as …

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Apr 10

Ferrari gives $5,600 bonuses to it’s employees

Chances are if you are reading this you are working for living. Now why do I say that? Well our key demographic here at IG is working men. Now chances are if you are reading this your employer has not given you a $5,600 bonus this year. I did give Reno some coupons for burritos …

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