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Mar 12

F1 2014 Season Preview

This weekend marks the beginning of the 2014 F1 season.  Hit the jump to get a leg up on the new regulations and our semi-expert opinions in our F1 2014 Season Preview.

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Nov 14

Popular Mechanics names the Mazda 6 Car of the Year. It’s just not

I know car of the year is typically some affordable family car that’s boring as hell and people only drive because they have to. It’s why we don’t take Car of the Year very seriously here. Well at least not in the same way Popular Driver or Car, track, and mechanics does. So today I …

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Oct 10

Barry Apple Festival: Imports

It is pretty rare we look at imports here on Infinite Garage. Nothing wrong with them or anything like that it is just we prefer big honking V8s and the occasional slant six. However there were a few imports of note at the Barry Apple Festival so I thought I would dedicate an entire article …

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Sep 27

Singapore GP Recap – F1 2013

Singapore GP 2013

The Singapore GP, the only F1 race that takes place at night and on a street circuit. As a result it can be one of the most tumultuous races of an given season. Hit the jump to find out how exciting it was to race for second place at the Singapore GP.

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Sep 22

Sunday Commentary: Autumnal Equinox style, upcoming car shows

As I write this fall is falling across America as we have reached the Autumnal Equinox. I get a bit sad as fall approaches because it won’t be long before the winter weather settles in and all the cool cars go away until spring. However there is still plenty of great car action to come …

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