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May 07

A measure of the Man: behind the scenes of a pit stop

The pit stop is an integral part of any racing series. In series like Nascar and Formula 1 the pit stop takes mere seconds before the car is off speeding back towards the track. These seconds can cost a team the win. That is why crews train vigorously to ensure they perform as good as …

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Nov 01

Indian GP Recap -F1 2013

Indian GP 2013

A new World Champion who is the same as the old World Champion.  That’s what we got at what could be the final Indian GP in the foreseeable future.  Click the link for the predictable race results as we wind down our coverage of the 2013 season.

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Oct 16

Japanese GP Recap – F1 2013

Japanese GP 2013

What’s more predictable than the 2013 F1 season? Not much apparently, as a certain German once again powered his way to a win at the Japanese GP.  Despite the predictable outcome there was some great racing in Japan so click the link to check out a few pictures and our completely biased commentary on the …

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Oct 07

Korean GP Recap – F1 2013

Korean GP 2013

If you have to guess about the winner of the 2013 Korean GP then you’re obviously not following Formula 1 very closely.  Once again we recap a race for second place as the rest of the field struggles with tires and safety cars the Korean GP 2013.  Click the jump for some great pictures and …

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Sep 27

Singapore GP Recap – F1 2013

Singapore GP 2013

The Singapore GP, the only F1 race that takes place at night and on a street circuit. As a result it can be one of the most tumultuous races of an given season. Hit the jump to find out how exciting it was to race for second place at the Singapore GP.

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