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Jun 09

The Nurburgring comes to Forza Motorsports 5 today for FREE!

The T10 goodwill continues with the Nurburgring heading to the Forza Motorsports 5. It’s out today and it’s free! You gotta love free. Recreated in laser scanned excellents the Nawsome will be in full HD glory for your racing pleasure. You will get three ribbons of track. The Nurburgring Ring test track which is 14 …

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May 30

Forza Motorsports 5 June DLC: Bondurant Car Pack

Since the inception of Forza Motorsports 5 fans have asked for the C7 Corvette. Finally Turn 10 comes through in the June DLC pack. The Bondurant Car Pack will feature 10 cars from various walks of the automobile world. This months list included: Corvette Stingray C7 Infiniti Dalara IPS Indy Light Alfa Romeo SZ Zagato …

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Apr 09

Long Beach coming to Forza Motorsports 5 for free

The apology train keeps rolling on with Turn 10. They seem to be doing all they can to win back their loyal fans after the debacle that was Forza 5. By adding new tracks for free they certainly are doing a lot to bring those who left back into the fold. You may not be …

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Feb 18

Road America is coming to Forza 5 and it’s free!

Remember last week when we broke the story that Road America might be coming to Forza Motorsports 5? Turns out we were right. Not only with Forza 5 get Road America it will be free! The gang at T10 continues to right the ship after a really rough start to the next generation of Forza …

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Feb 04

Forza Motorsports 5: Honda Legends Car Pack

Forza Motorsports 5 has been taking a hammering from the press, fans, and former fans for the latest installment in the series. The general consenses is it’s good, but incomplete and that has ruffled some feathers. To make matters worse it seems T10 just can’t seem to get their house in order with bungled dlc …

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