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Apr 12

Photos from the 2013 Jacksonville Cruise Night Car Show

Finally we return to Jacksonville. A city famous for….well for the big Ferris wheel in the park. Jacksonville was always a car town when I was younger. We’d go there and cruse some times, meet new people, see cars we hadn’t seen. Like a lot of car towns a few bad apples ruined it for …

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Jul 20

Blown Pontiac GTO: The Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

If you are reading this you probably know that the Pontiac GTO was the car that started it all for muscle cars. Not all GTOs are created equally. Some are stock, some are for cruising, some are for racing and some are just over the top bad ass. Like the Pro Street Goat we shot …

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Jun 16

Sunday Commentary: The tale of the Superbirds in the bush

Roadrunner Superbirds

Another week has come and gone here at IG and as fortune is on our side we continue to grow despite a few snafus with our server. It is always humbling to see just how many people come and check out what we are doing and it is very appreciated. We have been at this …

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Mar 12

Ferrari Supercar Technology, design, myth exhibit opens


Today saw the official inauguration at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello of the “Ferrari Supercar. Technology. Design. Myth” exhibition which includes the new LaFerrari, unveiled just a couple of days ago at the Geneva Motor Show, as well as all of the other limited edition special series cars that helped establish the Prancing Horse legend. …

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Feb 11

Down to the details: American Muscle


American muscle provides some of the best detail in all the car world. From shiny chrome badges to iconic lines there is something to see on every body panel. It’s no wonder these cars have become highly sought after and collectible. Like this awesome awesome Mustang. All I need to show you is this little …

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