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Nov 06

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

Just a quick delicious rumor for tonight. Word on the street is the new Lamborghini Aventador Roadster will debut in Miami next week! That makes sense with the sunny skies and warm weather in Miami. Also Miami is one of Lambo’s biggest markets. Unlike your typical Lambo drop top we expect the Aventador roadster to …

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Sep 19

The McLaren P1

The older I get the more super cars just aren’t my thing. The Lamborghini Aventador of course being the exception. However despite our hankering for hot rods, muscle, cars and all things a bit older supercars remain a huge part of the car world because most kids love affair for cars starts with a pin …

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Apr 24

Lamborghini Urus : Further Details

It seems every car company these days wants a piece of the raised-car-with-awd market. After all it is a lucrative one. Porsche went there with the Cayenne, which basically saved the company, and Maserati have confirmed their entry, the Kubang. Meanwhile, Aston Martin is working on a new age Lagonda and Bentley have confirmed their …

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