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Oct 10

Barry Apple Festival: Imports

It is pretty rare we look at imports here on Infinite Garage. Nothing wrong with them or anything like that it is just we prefer big honking V8s and the occasional slant six. However there were a few imports of note at the Barry Apple Festival so I thought I would dedicate an entire article …

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Jun 26

The all new 2014 Mazda 3

Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 has always been a popular choice in the compact car segment although it’s last refresh was far from a hit it’s sales have remained steady. Now we see the new Mazda 3, which judging by the first photos is going to be a very big hit. The reality is we can’t all …

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Feb 22

Film Friday: Retro Car Kings

film friday 911

Tonight’s Film Friday Feature is Retro Car Kings. The film is about Japanese custom builders and restores doing what they love. The result is some amazing creations. If you love classic cars, vintage racing, and craftsmanship you gotta see this one. It features Datsuns, Alfa Romeos, Porsches, Nissans, and tons of other spectacular classics. Hit …

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Feb 09

Future Classic: Mazda RX7


The Mazda RX7 used to be a cult classic, however with the explosion of the Fast and Furious movie series it has become mainstream. Now hugely popular especially among the younger generations the quirky rotary powered sports car is sure to be a future classic. Photo By Will Vison So what is it about the …

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Feb 03

Sunday Commentary: Super Bowl Sunday edition

Classic hot rod

It’s Super Bowl Sunday which means parties, football, drinks, and hot rods. Hot rods? Well everyday is about hot rods for us here at IG. Still being the dead of winter things are a bit slow in the car world but new car news has been trickling out all week. So we’ll talk about that …

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