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May 07

How a Turbo Works

With turbocharging becoming more and more prevelant in new car building I thought it might be a good time to rehash our old post on how a turbo works. Turbos are everywhere now and they aren’t just for horsepower. Turbos are being used to boost fuel economy and driving characteristics of small and big engines. …

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Feb 05

Fuel Mileage Primer : Part 3

Times are hard. Moneys tight. Today I’m going to show you how to operate your car for maximum gas mileage. You can own the most fuel efficient car on the planet, but if you’re not up to the task of drivng it well, you won’t be gaining anything. Like the Prius that just flew past …

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Jan 29

Gas Mileage Primer : Part 2

Times are hard. Money is tight. Today we show you how to to get more miles out of your tank with maintenance and modifications on your daily driver.

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Jan 08

Tech Tuesday: Intakes part 2

We pick up where we left off on intakes from last Tuesday. We finished with throttle bodies last week so logically it’s time to move on to manifolds. Intake Manifold The next stop on our trip towards the engine is the intake manifold. There are three factors that determine if a manifold is helping or …

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Apr 22

Earth Day tips for car lovers

I read an article earlier about things you can do on Earth Day to save the environment when you drive. Of course this was driven by a car hating hippie so it included things like switching to an electric car, using public transit, biking to work, or even walking. I don’t like expensive slow cars, …

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